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Nova Twins Release New Song ‘Choose Your Fighter’

Nova Twins have released a new track, Choose Your Fighter, accompanied by a brand new smashing music video.

The song is energetic and fast-paced with a rock twang throughout. Thus causing the song to be a catchy and repeatable experience!

The music video that came out for the song gives movie and video game vibes from Mortal Kombat to Scott Pilgrim. It is full of pop culture and kick-ass fighting which suit the song remarkably.

Throughout the video, I remained in awe at what will come next and all I could think of was that this song would be perfect for an in-movie fight scene, which the music video only proved more.

Choose Your Fighter will be on their upcoming album Supernova which is coming out this Friday, the 17th of June!

You can also see them live on their upcoming European Supernova tour, which is starting on the 29th of October.

You can check out the new track and music video below and let us know what you think of it!

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Mia Rose