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Twenty One Pilots Fans Think The Band Is Coming Back Soon


Twenty One Pilots fans have a theory that the band is coming back soon.
The theory takes us back to 2017, the APMAs, where the band won an award for Most Dedicated Fanbase.

When Josh accepted the award he apologized for Tyler not being able to be there and said “Tyler wishes he could be here, but he’s actually severing ties with dema.”

Fans immediately jumped on this and found out that the word “Dema”, according to Wikipedia, could mean “tower of silence”, which fans are linking back to the band’s last tweet “and now I just sit in silence” when the eye closed and the hiatus started.

Now, when you visit the official Twenty One Pilots webstore and you got the ‘Vessel’ section, the gif that is shown there has changed.
Now, it shows an url at the end of the gif.

Fans typed in the url and found the following:

When you make a sentence out of all the capital letters, it says ‘EAST IS UP’.
Then, @top__today found something else:
Other fans joined the thread with their additions:
Also, Twenty One Pilots’ label, Warner/Chapell, switched their home page track to an instrumental version of “Stressed Out.” 
Here is the link to the website if you want to see for yourself, but everybody keep your eyes and ears open for more news!