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There Has Been An Argument Between Smash Mouth And Fans Of Twenty One Pilots


​Starting last weekend when a fan of the band Smash Mouth simply and quite randomly asked for their opinion on Twenty One Pilots, the conversation that followed has developed into a full on argument between the band (or whoever runs the Smash Mouth social media accounts) and members of the Twenty One Pilots fan base.

Because although Smash Mouth seem to be enthusiastic about Twenty One Pilots, their tweet indicates that in their opinion, singer Tyler Joseph is the only driving, significant force behind the band:

In an attempt to correct said statement, several fans have joined into what has become a major online controversy, to an extent at which there are so many tweets all over the place that we decided to show you a few, as it is practically impossible to track down and link every single one.

You can check out some parts of the vivid discussion below.

Yet Smash Mouth also state that they have no disliking towards drummer Josh Dun, on the contrary: 

What is your opinion on the situation? Entertaining and hilarious to read or petty, unnecessary discussion? Feel free to let us know!

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Glenn van den Bosch