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Life-sized Ned

Tales Of The Clique: The Fan Who Made A Life-Size Ned

In 2019, as a high school graduation gift to herself, a twenty one pilots fan and creative mind Lindsay Palmer created the iconic Ned costume. Little did they know that this costume would become a significant part of their life and pave the way for unexpected experiences. What began as a passion project soon turned into a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the power of community.

The Rise of #NedLives and Ambitions to Take Ned on Tour: As the fan project #NedLives gained traction, the individual’s ambitions grew. They dreamt of taking Ned to a twenty one pilots show, hoping for opportunities to showcase their creation to a wider audience. However, challenges arose as their attempts to perform publicly were consistently shut down over the next three years. The growing uncertainty surrounding Ned’s future and the increasing maintenance requirements began to take a toll.

As to what twenty one pilots mean to Palmer, she shared the following:
Not to wax poetic, but twenty one pilots, to me, is the people. The music begs the question, “Is anyone out there?” God is what’s out there. And He gives us everyone who has helped us at some point in our lives. Family, friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. “We’re twenty one pilots and so are you” points to us as the broken people, nevertheless fearfully and wonderfully made with the duty to serve our neighbor. With this God-given purpose, we are not alone. I would not call twenty one pilots a Christian band by any means, but as a Christian, this is how I have interpreted their message.

In 2022, hope was reignited as Palmer secured a ticket to an Icy Tour show in Kansas City, MO. They envisioned this as Ned’s grand debut. However, these plans were dashed when security declined permission to bring the costume inside. Yet, with the support of Palmer’s friends, Moon Hruska and Jessica Landrey, a meet-and-greet with Ned eventually took place a couple of blocks away from the venue that twenty one pilots played that night. The encounter with the fans, known as the Clique, made all the waiting and effort worthwhile. The joy and smiles captured in the photos taken with Ned truly encapsulated the essence of the journey.

Recognizing the significance of Ned and his connection to the twenty one pilots fan community, Palmer embarked on a mission to rehome the beloved creation. Their efforts extended far and wide, reaching out to the Clique (the fanbase) and even exploring the furry fandom. However, finding the right custodian for Ned proved to be a challenging task, as Palmer sought to ensure Ned would be cherished and cared for by someone who truly understood his significance.

Driven by determination to find a worthy home for Ned, Lindsay Palmer took an unconventional route and attempted to contact twenty one pilots directly. They reached out to the band, expressing the desire to offer Ned as a gift. Despite best efforts, these initial attempts yielded no results. However, unbeknownst to her, fate had something extraordinary in store. In a twist of fate, an unexpected email arrived in the inbox a few months after the memorable meet-and-greet with Ned. It was Cameo Carlson, who had taken note of their previous communication. Lindsay Palmer had previously reached out to mtheory, a management company associated with twenty one pilots, seeking to connect and present Ned as a gift. This email served as a beacon of hope, reigniting the possibility of finding Ned’s perfect home.

Shortly after the email from Cameo Carlson, Element1 Music & Management, representing twenty one pilots, responded, expressing their enthusiasm to welcome Ned into their fold. Lindsay Palmer was overjoyed to learn that the band would be delighted to have Ned as part of their world. A plan was set in motion, and a meeting was scheduled for July of 2023. The long-awaited reunion between Ned and twenty one pilots was finally on the horizon.

As for Lindsay Palmer, she has transitioned into freelance work. They have several client projects lined up and exciting personal endeavours, including creating a mask for the band Raccoon Tour and designing a new costume for herself. Additionally, Palmer is preparing for a two-year contract as Bruiser the Bulldog for the NAIA division at Concordia University, NE.

Check out some photos of Lindsay Palmer and the extraordinary Ned costume right below.

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