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Paul Meany Teases New Twenty One Pilots Music Is Coming

In an exciting development for Twenty One Pilots fans worldwide, Paul Meany has recently sparked speculation about new music from the renowned duo. The multi-talented musician and producer took to his Instagram stories to tease followers with a sneak peek of him working on new music, captioned with the Twenty One Pilots logo: |-/

Paul Meany‘s collaboration with Twenty One Pilots spans across several significant projects, showcasing the depth of their musical synergy and artistic connection.

One of the most prominent ventures that Paul Meany assisted in producing was the band’s fifth studio album, Trench, released in 2018.
Even before their collaboration on Trench, Meany had already established a strong connection with Twenty One Pilots. Together with his former bandmates, he worked on the TOPxMM EP, released in 2016. The EP featured four remakes from the band’s iconic Blurryface album, alongside the single Heathens. Additionally, the EP included a captivating live 20-minute video of the bands performing their reimagined creations in the studio.

The partnership between Paul Meany and Twenty One Pilots continued to evolve as he played a crucial role in the release of the one-off single Level of Concern. and he played an instrumental role in the production of the duo’s sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy.

Beyond his work as a producer, Paul Meany actively participates in the band’s live performances as a part of their live ensemble. Furthermore, Meany takes on the role of a musical director for the band, lending his expertise to ensure their live performances are captivating and flawlessly executed.

Naturally, this subtle teaser has set the music community abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Since the release of Scaled and Icy in 2021, fans of Twenty One Pilots have eagerly awaited news of what’s next for the dynamic duo, and Paul Meany‘s Instagram stories have only amplified their curiosity.

While no official announcements have been made by the band or their management team, the mere suggestion of new music in the works has left fans anxiously awaiting any further clues or updates. Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops and check out the stories below:

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