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Listen To A My Chemical Romance & Twenty One Pilots ‘Cancer’ Mash-Up



When Twenty One Pilots covered My Chemical Romance’s ‘Cancer’, the whole world held their breath to see the outcome. There are only a few bands in the world who could touch such an iconic track by My Chemical Romance and get away with it.
Twenty One Pilots are definitely one of those!

The original ‘Cancer’ by My Chemical Romance varies greatly from the cover that Twenty One Pilots did, as it should. Covering a track doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to copy exactly what has been done by the original artist.

Someone decided to take it to the next level though and decided to mash-up both renditions of the track, to emphasize the differences between the two versions.
Hearing Tyler Joseph sing together with Gerard Way however is one of the most calming things you’ll hear in your existance.

Check it out below!