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Former Twenty One Pilots Drummer “sick to my stomach” About Early Songs Deleted By Tyler Joseph


Twenty One Pilots’ former drummer Chris Salih had a chat recently with the Twenty One Pilots Podcast in which he discussed the early stages of the band aswell as a variety of other topics. Among these topics, was the discussion of early material that the band wrote back in the day, but never released, as Tyler Joseph deleted this material.

Chris Salih shares that he would’ve loved for that material to see the day of light.
He shared the following on this topic:
“There’s always stuff sitting somewhere that was recorded and never made it out. There’s stuff Tyler’s shown me, that I thought was pure genius, that he deleted – which makes me sick to my stomach.”

He also shared that the creative proces behind the lyrics were always solely Tyler Joseph, as many Twenty One Pilots fans do know. Here’s what he said:
“The lyrics were always Tyler, and I think that’s pretty clear. I wouldn’t even know a percentage because I haven’t heard a lot of those songs in years.

The entire podcast, in which Chris Salih also discusses the former name that the band almost took can be listened to in full below.

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Glenn van den Bosch