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Escape Through Music: Panic! At The Disco


When most people think of Panic! At the Disco they think of the only remaining original member, Brendon Urie. But this band of thirteen years also currently consists of Dallon Weekes, Kenneth Harris, and Dan Pawlovich. Without them, P!ATD wouldn’t be who they are today. 

With songs like “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” “This Is Gospel,” “Ready To Go”, “Victorious” and more, it’s not hard to find a song to jam out to. But what’s interesting about this band is that they don’t only make feel good music, they make music with a deeper meaning that only the true P!ATD fans can see.

In the song “Girls/Girls/Boys,” Brendon sings, “Girls love girls and boys / And never did I think that I could be caught in the way you got me/ But girls love girls and boys / And love is not a choice.”

Talking about the song to NPR, Brendon said, “I believe that you can’t control who you are. It’s something that I’ve experienced myself, that girls do love girls and boys.. Girls are just more sexual in nature, much more so than guys.”

He continued saying, “A lot of times people want to label something just to make themselves feel comfortable. They wanna call this person gay or this person straight. I have had similar experience with homosexuality, with bisexuality, and that’s something I feel comfortable talking about.”

“It’s not something anyone should have to hide, and that goes along with the message of the song, that it’s important to know who you are, to be able to be proud of that, and have the courage behind your convictions,” said Brendon. “People can say whatever they want; it doesn’t matter unless you let it affect you. That’s an important lesson I had to learn with the band.”

The band even brought back their shirts that were based on the song with the words “Girls love girls and boys,” on it, in order to support the Pulse Victims Fund, with all proceeds going to the foundation.

With a band that sticks up for equality and gives to charity, what more can you ask for really. Panic! At The Disco is honestly just one of those bands that we are truly thankful for.

Strife Magazine took the time to speak to some Panic! At The Disco fans from around the world, and this is what they had to say.

Vanessa | 21 | Los Angeles, California – “I love this band because their music is able to do so many things for me that other stuff can’t. Whenever I’m sad or in a bad mood, Panic!’s music is there for me. Whenever I want to be motivated, Panic! has that fast beat music that gets me going.”

“Not only that but the lead singer Brendon, has been a very important inspiration in my life. Through his actions he’s taught me to be who I truly am and not care what others think of me. I’ve seen this band live 16 times and I plan on doing so again until they no longer tour again.”

Haley Medina | 15 | Grand Junction, Colorado – “I love Panic! At the Disco because they’ve saved my life. I get really bad anxiety when I worry too much. Whenever I feel an attack coming on I either put on Panic! or Twenty One Pilots. Both these bands mean everything to me.”

“Whenever I feel like giving up I listen to Panic! Whenever I need inspiration I always listen to Girls/Girls/Boys. Brendon is such a big help you my health. Whenever I feel down, I watch interviews about them. True Twenty One Pilots are my main band because they have also saved me from myself, but Panic! is also a savior. Without these two bands I wouldn’t be here. And I can’t thank them enough for it. They don’t know I’m thanking them, but I am. Without them, you wouldn’t be reading this.”

Jenna | 17 | California – “When I first started listening to Panic! At The Disco, I never realized how much my life would be influence by them. I found them during a difficult time for me and latched on, constantly walking around with my headphones in to distract myself with Panic!. I’ve really grown to appreciate the diversity in sound and style with each album change because the music never gets old.”

“The thing I love most about Panic! is Brendon by far. I’ve never so closely related to another person. I hear him talk about himself and his life on Periscope and in interviews and I just constantly feel like “wow, I’m like that too!” I find solace in the fact that someone so successful is so much like me. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and how he’s carried on with the band and is the reason it’s reached new heights.”

“He’s my biggest inspiration and he’s the driving force behind my passion for art, music, wanting to things I love and above all, standing up for what I believe in. I am who I am today because of him and his band and I’m friends with so many people because of him. I’m endlessly thankful for that. I can imagine I’d be much more troubled had I never found Panic!.”

Marlena Hartkorn | 52 | Pennsylvania – “Believe it or not, I’m 52 and a huge Panic! fan. Well, a Brendon Urie Fan (same thing really). Panic!’s music is my escape from the everyday thing called life. It’s my happy place, where I don’t have to worry about anything, and let the music take me away.”

“I think Brendon has the best voice in the business with the best vocal range. And even though I loved him/them for ten years, I’m going to my first concert in February. I never went before, because of my age, and felt funny. But now, I changed, and don’t care if I look out of place. I have to do what makes me happy. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to see him. I wish he was doing meet and greets with this tour, but he’s not. Made me so sad. But at least I got 3rd row from the stage.”

Raquel | 20 | New York – “I’ve been listening to Panic! For seven years now and I fell in love with their music. Each album is different so you’re never bored, you can put their whole discography on shuffle and be surprised with each song that comes on, it’s crazy. I mean their second album, Pretty. Odd. is basically country although they’ve been classified as pop-punk/rock! But I became this huge fan because of the community.”

“There’s fans I’ve met from all over the world that have become some of my greatest friends. One in London one in Spain some in Canada, and everyone has always been so kind. I’ve built a following because of this band, Panic! gave me a voice and I’m really grateful for that. The music is amazing, Brendon is extremely talented and he never ceases to surprise me, and the fans are some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

“I’m really thankful that I discovered this band all those years ago I can’t imagine a world where I don’t constantly have one of their songs stuck in my head. I love Brendon, their music, and their fans.”

Bethany Sherlock | 15 | England Essex – “I’ve loved P!ATD since I was literally about eight or nine years old and was lucky enough to see them live this year. It was one of the best nights of my life mainly because I have admired the band for many years and it meant a lot to me to finally see them perform live especially when being with my friends. We waited around 7 hours outside to see them and it was 100% worth it, they will always be one of my favourite bands.”
“I’ve been listening to them for a long time and it’s been amazing to watch as a fan how much they have grown and the sheer amount of progress they have made over the years.”

Arianna | 16 | Massachusetts – “I love P!ATD because Brendon Urie has the voice of an angel. I love how many different styles of music they have put out. From songs like “Death of a Bachelor” to songs like “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time,” you never know what you are going to get.

“I never really listened to their type of music before and when I did, because of my friend, it opened me up to a whole different type of music that I have now fallen in love with!”

Elizabeth Haase | 15 | Ohio – “I love Panic! At The Disco because the music and style Brendon Urie is able to create is very unique. He is very talented and with that talent he has been able to create music that has changed my outlook on society for the best.”

Abigail | 13 | Texas – “The reason I love Panic! so much is because I love the style and how it can get me up and dancing around my room. Brendon’s voice gives me chills and it’s very hard to find music that can do that to me.”
“The amount of love he shows his fans is incredible. His smile makes me smile. There are so many more reasons why I love P!ATD. I will never stop listening to it and I can’t wait to see Panic! perform at my town in April!”

Madison | 18 | Texas. – “I love Panic! at the Disco for a lot of reasons. I love the how funny and positive the band members are (past and present). I love how accepting of differences they are. I love how happy their music makes me.”
I love their unique and ever changing sounds. I love how exciting their concerts are. I love how supportive Brendon is of his fans. I love how their songs tell a story. I can’t think of what I love the most because they make me so happy all every day.”

Kariana | 14 | Jacksonville, Florida – “I love Panic! for so many reasons. It’s too hard to explain. The music that they create is something that nobody else can. It’s unique and different, the type of music that gets you in good mood. Panic’s music is not like music we hear on the radio now days. It’s lyrics that you can actually say “damn, I know how he feels.”. This is why I love Panic! At The Disco.”

Christine | 18 | Hamburg, Germany -” I love Panic! At the Disco for their special style which is an escape for every of my problems, gosh for literally everything. Their music makes me feel save and make me smile. They support that love is love, which means a lot for me.”

Audrey Pearl | 16 | Vermont – “I love Panic! because they never fail to surprise me. For twelve years they’ve been creating clever, unique, astounding music and through so many lineup changes they’ve always kept going.”

“Unlike many modern artists, they write music that makes me think, and more importantly, makes me feel. Each song tells a one of a kind story and has character of its own. Panic! has inspired me, along with so many others to be a better lyricist, vocalist, instrumentalist, performer, and person, and there is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Rae | 19 | Cologne, Germany – “A few years ago a person who turned out to become my best friend, told me to listen to Panic! At The Disco. I did and even though it took its time, I fell in love. Listening to them reminds me of my best friend and it reminds me that, just like their music, life has sad but mostly happy sides. They remind me to surround myself with beauty and to be aware of my own emotions. They make me happy.”

Teagan Hall | 15 | Cumbria, United Kingdom – “I love P!ATD so much as their music just gives me a release from all of the negative things that have happened in the day. Their music is mostly upbeat and happy and really puts a smile on my face. All the members of panic just have great personalities and you see it shine through when they perform and record.

“As a whole, there is simply not enough words to describe how much I love Panic! At The Disco and their music, and there never ever will be enough words to describe it. I just honestly wish that one day I get to meet the wonderful people behind the music as Brendon, Kenny, Dan and Dallon honestly just inspire me so much and their music is simply a haven for me.”

Always remember that there’s someone who loves you, and if you need an extra person, we love you. – Strife

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Written by Melanie Gomez