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Here’s Everything We Know About Melanie Martinez’s Sophomore Album


Melanie Martinez’s sophomore album is probably one of the bigger anticipated albums in the scene right now, even without any information given about the record as of yet.
However, Melanie Martinez shared quite a bit about the process for her second record in numerous interviews aswell as in conversations with her fans and here is everything we’ve learned so far.

1. Melanie Martinez has a few unreleased songs which she created prior to Cry Baby.
Martinez has shared snippets or even streams for these tracks. Some of course were also leaked. These tracks will NOT be featured on her second album.

2. Melanie Martinez will experiment with new sounds for this record and has stated that the second album will have a heavier hip-hop sound than all her previous songs.

3. The album is being produced by Melanie Martinez’s boyfriend Michael Keenan

4. When Melanie Martinez releases the last music video for her debut album ‘Cry Baby’, she’ll close the Cry Baby era and she will reveal the title for the new album.

‚Äč5. As if ‘Cry Baby’ wasn’t dark enough, Melanie Martinez shared to a fan that the second album will be darker than ‘Cry Baby’!

6. Melanie Martinez shared that the album will most likely be released in the Fall of 2017.
In addition, she will also be touring once again in order to promote the release of the second album.

7. Once upon a time, Melanie Martinez responded to a fan who asked on her Instagram account whether the new record will have collaborations with other artists. She responded that there will be none.

8. Melanie Martinez will discuss the issue of mental health in one of her new tracks and how it’s very important to maintain.

9. Melanie Martinez’s second album will be about the surroundings of Cry Baby, which will be a fucked up place which we can all relate to according to her.

10. In another interview, Melanie Martinez has stated that the second album will have a character in it who is inspired by the current president of the United States of America: Donald Trump

11. Last but not least, Melanie Martinez has shared with the fans that the second album will be accompanied by a film. This film will be a mixture of drama and horror, as you could’ve guessed.

Are you exciting for new Melanie Martinez music?
As Martinez has released a music video for every track on ‘Cry Baby’ except for the last track on the album ‘Mad Hatter’, chances are the title for the upcoming record will be shared rather soon, so stay tuned!