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Halsey Releases ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ & ‘Suga’s Interlude’


On December 3rd, Halsey revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album "Manic." It includes 16 songs featuring previously released singles "Clementine," "Graveyard," and her highest-charting single "Without Me." The album will be available January 17th, 2020.

Today, Halsey released another song with music video for
"Finally//beautiful stranger" and "Suga’s Interlude." She introduced the tracks by posting a photograph of her art via Twitter. Fans were excited to see Halsey and BTS’ Suga had collaborated again after working together on BTS’ Boy With Luv.

‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ is slow with Halsey and her guitar at the forefront in a song about opening up to love:

"I know that beautiful strangers only come along to do me wrong
And I hope, beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms
But I think it’s finally safe
For me to fall."

The lyrics speak on her worry of being hurt again but she lets herself relax within a new love. Believing everything will be alright.

‘Suga’s Interlude’ transitions between English and Korean. It’s like a conversation switching from Halsey’s smooth pace to Suga’s fast rapping flow.

Halsey sings:
"I’ve been trying all my life
To separate the time
In between the having it all
And giving it up."

Suga’s lyrics comfort by advising:
"The dawn before the sun rises is darkest above all,
But never forget that the stars you desire only rise in darkness."

Halsey said Suga is "an incredible musician and I thought [he] really fit the sentiment, the vibe of the album, and what it’s about. I felt like I really wanted to include him."
Together they express the trials of following dreams and keeping your head up through the darkest times.

Halsey has explained how this album captures her personality; she’s been showing her fans behind the scenes footage of her work through YouTube videos, "Road to Manic." To Billboard, she explains "The reason this album ended up becoming what it is, which is a very, very personal conversation. It’s part of the reason I’ve been using a lot of Ashley talk in this album, because it does feel very much like a look behind the curtain in a way. A curtain I never intended to put up but it’s just kind of there, because I was young and scared of showing—I didn’t know who I was deeply so it was irresponsible for me to tell the whole world, ‘This is who I am!’ And the world is like, ‘You’re 21, no it’s not.’ I’m going to be 25 in a couple of days, which is terrifying because I still feel 19."

Through the album, she wants to be more personal and open. Allowing herself to change the mood and sound throughout the tracklist. Halsey said, "I tried to be angry, and I was so calm and so happy and proud, and felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I sat down to make a list of things I didn’t like about myself because I thought it would help me make an angry album, and I wrote it and I cried. I read it and let some of my friends read it, and after writing it, I couldn’t find any anger at myself, I just found forgiveness. I looked at the list and said, some of these things are true, some are not. You may feel that way about yourself, but it’s okay, you’re going to be okay." She continued, "I sat down to make the album, and I felt like I could do so in a way that wasn’t hindered by shame or fear or embarrassment or anger, I just felt acceptance."

You can check out both tracks and the music video for ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ below!

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