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Fall Out Boy Give Major Update On “Lake Effect Kid” EP


There’s some news out there regarding Fall Out Boy’s “Lake Effect Kid” EP!

Ever since Pete Wentz had posted another one of the band’s To Do lists including the point “Lake Effect Kid EP: Record And Design” already crossed off, fans have been waiting for more details to emerge, as they just did!

In an interview with ABC radio, Pete Wentz has revealed that the band is “just about done” with the EP, which will most likely be released some time around their big hometown show at Wrigley Field in Chicago on September 8.

According to Wentz, aside from a studio version of the original “Lake Effect Kid”demo, it will also be containing a “semi-new” and one “really new” song!

So it’s coming soon and “it” is new Fall Out Boy music? Well, consider us stoked! How excited are you for the EP? What do you think the new material is going to sound like? Let us know!

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Glenn van den Bosch