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Blink-182 @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Blink-182 Take Amsterdam On Nostalgia Trip

It has been a fair number of years since Blink-182 last set foot in The Netherlands, the year being 2017 with their tour with A Day To Remember, but last night the pop-punk legends were back in original formation to promote their upcoming album ONE MORE TIME…

Last time, the band played Rotterdam’s Ahoy, while this time around, Barker, DeLonge and Hoppus took on the country’s capital and played the beautiful Ziggo Dome which they sold out in days after tickets went on sale.

We went down to the rock show to witness the greatness that is Blink-182 in concert and were not disappointed. Before taking the stage, vocalist Mark Hoppus went live on his Instagram account, filming himself and his bandmates right beside the stage just minutes before going live, which gave a fun preview of what’s to come and what goes on behind the scenes of a Blink-182 concert literal seconds before moving on stage.

For these shows, Blink-182 truly brought it all. Impressive visuals on the screens behind them, pyrotechnics, fireworks and of course one of the scene’s most impressive discographies that includes a couple of new singles that are doing exceptionally well with the fans.

The setlist had 27(!) songs this fine evening, and besides the new singles, of course, the band’s most recognizable singles were all played, including All The Small Things, What’s My Age Again? and I Miss You. The upbeat and iconic songs left a mark, but so did the more emotional songs such as Stay Together For The Kids.

It is a hopeless cliché, but it honestly needs to be said. Blink-182 are an incredible band, but drummer Travis Barker truly takes their live performances to a whole new level. Barker’s drumming was nothing short of extraordinary. His lightning-fast beats and impeccable timing were a driving force behind the band’s relentless energy and never ceases to amaze.

Now that Tom DeLonge is back in the band, the Skiba era was not prominently present in tonight’s setlist, but I was pleased with the live performance of the 2016 song Bored To Death, in which DeLonge took on Skiba’s vocal lines, which he did gracefully.

One of the most endearing aspects of the show was Blink-182‘s genuine and often humorous interactions with the audience. Mark Hoppus, in particular, displayed a charismatic stage presence, engaging in playful banter and sharing anecdotes that added a personal touch to the performance. The band’s ability to connect with the crowd on such an authentic level created an atmosphere of camaraderie, turning the concert into a collective celebration of music and fandom.

With their boundless energy, musical expertise, and witty personalities, the band proved that after more than two decades in the industry, they still know how to put on a humorous and above all, great show.

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Glenn van den Bosch