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Woman Sustains Multiple Skull Fractures & Losing Teeth After Struck By Crowdkiller At Hardcore Show


Let us please kick off this article by saying that we DO NOT appreciate the crowdkillers or hardcore dancers at hardcore shows. Moshing is dangerous enough as it is, but the crowdkilling & aggressive moves/stances have proven to be very dangerous and have left several people HEAVILY injured over the years, with incidents happening at a lot of shows where crowdkilling is being done. Concerts are supposed to be safe space for everyone involved, and crowdkillers take away that feeling for atleast a portion of the attendees. Not being able to step foot in a certain area in the venue due to aggressive dance moves is unacceptable to us, and hopefully also to a lot of you.

Janelle Dunnaway attended a show of the hardcore band SPITE (Stay Sick Records) on the 21st of July in Denver, CO and suffered multiple skull fractures along with losing several teeth. This all will result in a sky-high medical bill, a bill she cannot afford to pay.

After the incident, a GoFundMe campaign was started for her, on which the first update was posted on July 24th. Janelle Dunnaway shared the following:
“I spent the entire night in the ER, I still haven’t slept,” Dunnaway wrote on her Kickstarter. “I bled for 12 hours straight, four teeth. I can’t close my mouth due to the one tooth that’s still there being knocked so far back. And the other one that’s there is chipped. They will probably both come out in time. One got lost in the venue. I caught one and they tried to stick it back in but it failed.”

After which Janelle posted another update:

“I had my first round of surgery last night, there will be at least 3 more over the next 6 months. My skull is fractured in multiple places, up into my nose. There were pieces of bone scattered all over the place that I had to have drilled out. I had to have new gum tissue and bone grafted in over the entire area. They hammered the two teeth that are still in there into place and splinted them, but they are dead and will have to be removed later. I’ve never been in more pain in my life. The surgery was the most traumatic experience I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I have some temporary fake teeth so thank god I can at least leave my house now. It’s impossible for me to eat with the amount of pain I’m in right now…”

Her dental costs alone are piling up to be higher than 21.000 dollar, and that doesn’t include the damages done to her skull and nasal area. Her doctor was reported that Janelle has “substantial risk of serious, permanent disfigurement”

If you want to help out, you can help Janelle by sharing or donating her GoFundMe campaign right here.

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Glenn van den Bosch