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This Is The Top Streamed Show Right Now And It Might Surprise You


This show hasn’t released anything in over a year, yet it’s still the most streamed show right now.
It’s Netflix’ “Stranger Things”!

Since Netflix doesn’t share audience data, Parrot Analytics’ “Demand Expressions” has taken into account factors such as peer-to-peer downloads, social media, comments, blogs and streaming analytics to determine the popularity of a show.

The service has concluded that Stranger Things has remained the top streaming show over the past 90 days, but followed closely by Netflix’ “Orange Is the New Black”.

Samuel Stadler, Parrot marketing vice president had the following to say about Stranger Things’ popularity:

“It’s a special show, and the passion seems to be heightened. It seems that particular show has staying power beyond anything. There hasn’t been a show that comes anywhere close to it.”

Have you watched Stranger Things in the last 90 days? Let us know!

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Glenn van den Bosch