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These Celebs Have Admitted To Be Fans Of One Of Your Favourite Bands



Our always expanding alternative music scene is a pretty tight family, and many of the bands in the scene are massive fans of eachother.
Especially in the hardcore scene, the solidarity between bands is quite massive. 
Remember when Architects dropped the video for ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ and announced their latest record ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’? All the hardcore bands, both big and small were thrilled about the new track and massively shared the video around on their band pages. We’re talking about bands such as Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and even members from Bring Me The Horizon.

Outside of the scene though, we can’t really imagine the ‘mainstream’ celebs being big fans of bands within our scene, especially not the smaller bands, but it does happen and when it does, we love spreading the word!

Most recently, Devin Druid, who plays Tyler Down in the popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why happens to be a huge Tweny One Pilots fan and has even attended shows of the band! 
He’s tweeted to the band more than once and often seeks interaction with the clique.
Here’s one of the many examples:

In addition, no one less than Elton John was recently spotted with an All Time Low shirt on.
While Elton John does have a history with the scene and also made an appearance in a Fall Out Boy video, it’s nice to see that massive artists such as himself are repping some epic All Time Low merch.

Last but not least, hip-hop star Post Malone was also mentioned in numerous rock and metal media a while back as he jammed along to Thy Art Is Murder and Sworn In together with one of our favourite YouTubers Jared Dines.  He absolutely seems to know his metal stuff and has been asked for quite a few of guest vocal spots by metal bands since this video emerged.

Check out this video below & let us know if you know any mainstream musicians or celebs that you know are fan of rock/metal bands!
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Glenn van den Bosch