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Spotify Take You On The Ride Of A Lifetime With Their New ‘Time Capsule’ Playlists


As time progresses, so does the music streaming platform Spotify and that evolution brings with it some intriguing new features! This time, it’s the so called “Time Capsule” that has people talking.

Basically, Spotify creates a playlist for you, your personal “Time Capsule”, with the goal of putting together songs that will take you back a few years (or maybe a decade or two) and wake up that nostalgia.

No matter whether it’s that one band you were obsessed with as a teenager, that album that helped shape you as a person or that one embarassing song you liked three years ago, chances are Spotify found them all. At least according to the users who have tried out the feature so far and are happily sharing their time capsules all over social media. 

Are you in for the ride of your lifetime? Do you want to test the accuracy of this new feature? Go ahead, log into your Spotify account and have a look at your personal time capsule and while you’re at it, be sure to share some of your songs of nostalgia, teen angst and more with us!

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Glenn van den Bosch