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Spotify Has Removed Artists That Promote White Supremacy & Hate


Turns out that Spotify has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to white supremacist bands. The streaming services revealed in a recent interview with Billboard that “Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention,” 

As a result, several bands have already been kicked off the streaming service.
The bands who have been kicked off were identified by Southern Poverty Law Center who share the following:“typically white power music labels that record, publish and distribute racist music in a variety of genres.”
Billboard shares that the search for white supremacist began when this article was launched.

Of course tracking bands with music of this nature is a beyond difficult task, as hundreds of thousands of musicians are using the platform daily to upload their music.
Either way, Spotify takes it very seriously and will continue the effort, stating that Spotify does not tolerate this kind of message and music.

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Glenn van den Bosch