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Reading & Leeds Festival Have Banned The Weirdest Item Ever For This Year’s Edition


Everyone who has gone to festivals in the past know that there’s a whole list of items that are banned from entering the festival grounds. Some items are banned for safety reasons, such as knives and other sharp objects while other items are banned for economical reasons. If everyone starts bringing their own water bottles to festival grounds, no drinks will be sold anymore and therefore water bottles are very oftenly banned aswell.

However, Reading & Leeds Festival have banned a very specific item which we’re pretty sure has not been banned ever from any festival. People who are attending Reading or Leeds Festival this year, beware: Under no circumstance should you bring a PINEAPPLE to this year’s edition.

Turns out that this is because of the band Glass Animals. They are on this year’s line-up and they have a track titled “Pork Soda”. On this track, the band signs “Pineapples are in my head”. 

Apparently, during Glass Animals’ performance at Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer, many attendees witnessed the show while wearing a pineapple costume, or you guessed it, they brought along pineapples or props of the fruit with them.

Glass Animals have responded to the new banned item with the following:
“It’s fruitist. Watermelons are fine, but not pineapples?…Anyone who wasn’t bringing a pineapple definitely is now.”

The festival has confirmed that pineapples are truly banned in a recent interview with BBC, stating: “the tongue may be slightly in cheek on this one”
“Organisers were a little concerned about hundreds of pineapples turning up on site so decided to ask fans not to bring them along.”

Stream Glass Animals’ track “Pork Soda” featuring the infamous pineapple lyric below.

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Glenn van den Bosch