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Pete Wentz Discusses ‘M A N I A’ Push Back & Reveals Who He’d Like To Collab With


Pete Wentz has shared in a recent interview that the band has completed six tracks off of the upcoming record “M A N I A” which release date was recently pushed back to January of next year. 

When asked about the direction Fall Out Boy are taking, Pete Wentz shared the following in this recent interview with Billboard.

“The thing I point to now more than anything is we’re listening to a lot more music happening worldwide. The thing I love about the globalization of music is I’m listening to beats that this kid in Lagos made… that would have never happened before.

That’s what our band needs… a foot in the future and a foot in the past.To balance the record. What’s interesting with Fall Out Boy is we have guitar, drums and bass, but we’re finding ways to incorporate other ideas. What I liked about The Clash was how they used and twisted those influences.” 
When asked about guest appearances on the record, Pete Wentz shared that he’s wanted Rihanna to make a guest appearance on a Fall Out Boy track for over a decade now.

Would you like Rihanna to sing on a Fall Out Boy track?

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Glenn van den Bosch