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Netflix And HBO In Danger Because Of Disney?


Netflix and HBO are in danger now that Disney has decided to create its own platform, Disney +, which will be available in November.

Disney + will include all the Marvel, Star Wars and obviously all the original Disney movies at a very low price, of only 6,99 euros a month. But Disney knows what they are doing and what will attract people, so they have decided that a person can have 7 profiles at a time, contrary to Netflix.

Although several people believe that it will not be comparable to the huge amount of series and films that Netflix or HBO have, others agree that families will find this idea more attractive because all the published content will be 100% safe for their children to watch and at the same time, their teenagers, will spend a nice evening watching Star Wars or Marvel rather than something more violent.

If you want to know more about the upcoming platform, you can check their Twitter account or their Instagram account to keep up with all the news!

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Núria Pedrós Peró