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Marilyn Manson Claims Stage Prop Incident Could Have Crushed His Skull


A couple of weeks ago, Marilyn Manson had us worry quite a bit when he was taken to the hospital after being crushed by a falling stage prop, which lead to the cancellation of a bunch of his shows.

And while the singer is slowly but surely getting back up on his feet and has rescheduled the cancelled tour dates, he has opened up about his injury in a recent interview with Yahoo.

According to Manson, although the injuries he suffered were bad and extremely painful, things could have easily taken a turn for the worse: “It definitely could have crushed my skull and my ribs. I have some minor bruising in that area, but it took six guys to pull it off of me. It was like wrestling a giant iron monster.”

About the footage taken by fans that spread like a wildfire after the incident, he adds: “I only recently watched the video of it. I can see how it could look terrifying. It was terrifying for me, because the truss was not secured properly.”

Contrary to prior belief, Manson explains, he was not trying to climb the prop: It started to fall and I tried to push back and I didn’t get out the way in time. I’m not sure what I hit my head on, but it did fall onto my leg and break the fibula in two places. The pain was excruciating.”

Due to his severe leg injuries, Marilyn Manson had a plate and 11 screws inserted into the bone and his leg is currently in a cast. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

You can check out the full interview with more details about the incident here.

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