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Lynn Gunn Turns Tattoo Passion Into A Full-Time Project


Have you ever wanted a super rad tattoo by one of your favourite band members? Your dreams may very well become a reality.

PVRIS lead singer Lynn Gunn, is turning her passion for art and tattooing into a full-time project. 

“I was always kind of getting them on tour, just like little tiny ones,” Gunn told Nylon in a recent interview. 

“Getting tattooed and tattooing somebody really is a very intimate experience, and I think that’s a really cool thing to be able to share,” Gunn continued.

Gunn was first inspired to get a tattoo gun of her own after getting a matching tattoo with a friend from tattoo artist Baud Nach.

“We all just kind of hit it off and ended up growing together. And then Baud was like, ‘You should get a gun, you should start tattooing.’ I had done stick and poke a little bit before then but just like the single liners.”

After that, Gunn and Baud met up regularly and eventually, Gunn bought a machine and was taught by Baud. They have been exchanging tattoos ever since.

Watch Lynn’s tattoo work below! Would you get a tattoo by Lynn Gunn? 

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Glenn van den Bosch