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Kasabian And My Chemical Romance Resolve Beef They’ve Had For Ages


Back in 2006, Kasabian made an insult directed at My Chemical Romance. Kasabian said in an interview in The Sun back in 2006 that MCR are “clowns” and “These emo kids should get out more and try and have a good time instead.”

Over a decade later, this beef has finally been resolved when Kasabian’s frontman Tom Meighan shared a flight with My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way. Meighan shared in a recent interview with Q Music that Gerard Way even bought him a bottle of champagne on the flight.

He said the following about the happening:
“We’re looking at each other, so I said ‘look man, let’s have peace here!’ And he just laughed. He bought me a bottle of champagne and we got pissed. What a sweet man. He’s fucking cool!”

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Glenn van den Bosch