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Guest Feature: Five Music Apps You Must Try If You Love Music


Many studies have proved that good music enhances your brain power. The music perfectly helps you to calm down your mind and allows you to create more ideas in your head. Most of the artists, writers mentioned music as their inspiration as it relaxes their minds with a calmness from the head to the whole body, and motivates them to think and create better ideas. As they need to subtract any kind of distractions around to be on their rhythms, they are habitual of listening to cool and smooth music.

Nowadays, through smartphones and decent internet connections, searching has become so easy that you can access to any good music application in just a click wherever and whenever you want. Music apps are now have improved a lot, they are not just limited to searching and listening to the music you want but, they also provide you lyrics, related songs and keep you updated with the music on the hit list. 
Following are the amazing five applications for music lovers:

1. Spotify:
Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the US. Probably every other person has this application on their phones. This music streaming application is available for everyone as it has a Free version to search for any music and listen to it for free but you may have a less good experience than listening in Premium Version. The free version may cause you to be distracted by some advertisements but, premium version allows you to pay a fixed fee every month and enjoy advertisement-free music whenever wherever you want.

2. Pandora:
Pandora is the must-try app for those who love to listen to their own kind of music and their favorite artists. You just have to search for your favorite music artist and Pandora will itself fascinate you with all of the artist’s songs and the songs similar to them. There is a bunch of new music you can discover with the Pandora app. When it’s about music you love, you just don’t want your rhythm to be disturbed with the songs you don’t like, so Pandora will provide you songs similar to those you highly rated, and the app is well developed not to play the kind of songs you disliked already.  So you must give it a try and enjoy your kind of music.

3. Last FM:
Last FM is an app which links to the other music apps you mostly use like Spotify, Sound Cloud, and Google Play Music. It is the best choice for those who use several applications for music streaming. You have to create an account/profile and get access to the music mostly recommended for you according to your carefully chosen music, and your own music too. You can now connect with the people matching your music tastes through your profile and you can also enjoy music-related discussions with other people. You can even discuss the music festivals all around and the upcoming music events. And foremost part of the app is you can get this all for free, no worries of payments and all you can do are enjoy your music fully.

4. Shazam:
Shazam can perfectly be mentioned in the list of best music apps for the music lovers. You can take it as the best thing which calms you down whenever you are in a situation or in need of some you’re kind of music which is just a tap away. You have to go to the app and give it time to provide you with the best match of the song along with the lyrics and details.

5. iHeart Radio:
It is an app for those which will provide you with the radio stations and podcasts nearest to you. You can also create your own music station and have all the songs on the basis of your searched songs. iHeart radio also provides you the complete bio od the artist and the lyrics of the songs you mostly love to listen.

About the Author:
Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. She regularly posts at Green Light Booking.

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