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Gerard Way Shares What It Was Really Like Touring With My Chemical Romance


In a recent interview with The Wednesday Club, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way reveals what it was really like to tour with the band, saying that there was a lot of World Of Warcraft.

“I was in New Zealand when I finished Issue 6 of [The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite]. I’d done almost the whole comic and I quit World Of Warcraft in order to [finish it] he said. 


“It wasn’t just me either, it was the whole band except for Frank, he wasn’t into it. He tried it once, he didn’t get it. He was the smart one, he didn’t play,” he continued.

“Everybody else, Bob, Ray, Mikey, myself… I played a lady undead finger. There was a Warcraft going on.

“You get to like an arena, and the first order of business… internet. Bob would do whatever it took. Sometimes we had wires going from the other end of an arena,,all the way to where we were, so he could plug a router in.

“We got another band addicted to it, a band called Thrice. Dustin, I remember he was levelling up one night, and he had to run and put his in-ears in, and go onstage and throw a guitar on and start playing a live show. He was still clicking, and he had to run…”

Watch the video below.

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Glenn van den Bosch