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Gerard Way Set To Release Vinyl Featuring Two New Tracks For Record Store Day


Gerard Way will once again contribute to Record Store Day!
​This year, Gerard Way will be releasing a 12′ Picture Disc in Clear Vinyl Sleeve and there are only 5.000 of them!

The tracks featured on the vinyl are:
1. ‘Into The Cave We Wander’
2. ‘Pogi’s Cavern’

These tracks have been written and recorded by Gerard Way to go along with the comic book series CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE.

If you purchase the vinyl, the vinyl isn’t all you’ll receive though.
Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase the vinyl:

a 32-page comic featuring an all-new three-page story by Gerard Way and Michael Allred; previews of four of DC’s Young Animal comics—DOOM PATROL, SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL, CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE and MOTHER PANIC; and an 11”x 17” poster featuring characters from each of the series, drawn by Nick Derington. 

The songs were written and recorded with Ray Toro and produced by Doug McKean, Ray Toro and Gerard Way.

For more information, check the Record Store Day website!

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