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Did You Know The Star Of “E.T.” Plays In Netflix’s “The Haunting Of Hill House”?


In the last couple of weeks, the new Netflix horror/thriller series “The Haunting of Hill House” has been getting a lot of attention from the media, thrillseeking Netflix watchers and fans alike. 

The new series follows a family, both past and present who had quite the harrowing childhood, due to their lovely family home on Hill House.

The new series has had many viewers in its grip, so much even, that we’ve all forgot to check the actors and actresses and it appears we missed quite the gem.

The actor, Henry Thomas, who plays the younger dad appears to be the same person as the star in the movie “E.T.” In that movie, Thomas played the role of little Elliot.. bet you’re feeling pretty old right about now, huh? Apparently, Thomas has been acting since he was just eight years old, and is still at it, now absolutely crushing it in “The Haunting on Hill House”. 

Have you seen “The Haunting on Hill House” yet? What did you think? Have you spotted all the hidden ghosts? Let us know your thoughts on the show in the comments!


Credit: The Haunting of Hill House/Netflix

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Glenn van den Bosch