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Bullet For My Valentine Treat Europe With Epic “Gravity” Show


Bullet For My Valentine have been keeping busy surrounding the release of their latest effort ¨Gravity¨. This summer, the band was on many of the biggest festivals across the globe, and they even played two headliner club shows in The Netherlands, given they didn’t play the country on any festival bill. (Due to the lack of big Rock/Metal festival in The Netherlands).

To support the release of ¨Gravity¨, the long-time favourites took to Europe and the UK once more to play some shows with the focus on the new music. For these shows, they brought along American metallers Of Mice & Men, Nothing More and SHVPES. 

While Bullet For My Valentine took a step back from their heaviest material for ¨Gravity¨, their shows didn’t reflect this creative change of pace. The band opened their set with ¨Leap of Faith¨ and ¨Over It¨, whom are both popular tracks from the new release.

Now, Bullet For My Valentine have been playing shows together for ages, so when attending a show of theirs, you can expect their performance to be tight, musically, However, due to frontman Matt Tuck’s constant guitar duties, the band has very little to no spare time to spent on crowd interaction, which is why the band brought along one of the most epic lightshows I’ve witnessed for a while. The band’s setlist can most accuractely be described as ¨fan favourite, career spanning¨, with a focus towards the new music.

The band perform with an undying enthusiasm and energy, and keep improving their show as well as their songs. Eventhough the band has been around for ages, Bullet For My Valentine are on the rise, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the ¨Gravity¨ era brings us.

We witnessed the band’s performance in Tilburg’s 013 and were lucky enough to have been able to photograph the band’s show. Check out Eva van Kuik’s photos of both Bullet For My Valentine and Of Mice & Men in the galleries below and share with us whether you’ll be seeing BFMV on tour in the near future.

Of Mice & Men

Bullet For My Valentine:

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