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Biffy Clyro Release New Track, Reveal New Album Will Release Tomorrow


Biffy Clyro have released the first track from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie project the band have been working on. The track is titled ‘Balance, Not Symmetry’.

In total, the movie features 17 tracks, which have all been written and recorded by Biffy Clyro.

When frontman Simon Neil is asked about the movie project, he shared the following about producer Jamie Adams and the project as a whole:

"On meeting Jamie, we realised early on that we’d both had to deal with grief at a relatively young age and so it was interesting to talk about how we’d both dealt with it and the effect it had on us – and this is the main crux of the film, delving into the lonely world of grief and loss and coming out the other side."

The tracklisting for the movie’s sound track looks like this and will release tomorrow:

  1. ‘Balance, Not Symmetry’
  2. ‘All Singing and All Dancing’
  3. ‘Different Kind of Love’
  4. ‘Sunrise’
  5. ‘Pink’
  6. ‘Colour Wheel’
  7. ‘Gates of Heaven’
  8. ‘Fever Dream’
  9. ‘Navy Blue’
  10. ‘Tunnels and Trees’
  11. ‘Plead’
  12. ‘The Naturals’
  13. ‘Yellow’
  14. ‘Touch’
  15. ‘Jasabiab’
  16. ‘Following Master’
  17. ‘Adored’

The entire movie will see its premiere on June 23rd. Check out the accompanying video for the track ‘Balance, Not Symmetry’ below!

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Glenn van den Bosch