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Ben Bruce Almost Didn’t Go Through With American Satan


In a new interview with Rock Sound, Ben Bruce talks about how he almost didn’t go through with acting for American Satan. He stated that he got too nervous about it, as he had never done anything like this ever before. He even called up the director Ash Avildsen a week before the filming started and said to him: “I can’t do this, I’m out”.  Ash responded with: “You can’t do this, there’s millions of dollars riding on this film, you’ve put in all this time and effort and also you’re going to kick yourself if you don’t do it”, which resulted into Ben Bruce going after all.

Once the filming had started, Ben Bruce shared the following about his first couple of days on set:
“Then the first day on set, I was like, ‘Oh man, I need water. I need water. Water please! Water please!’ I couldn’t talk, my mouth went dry, so it was just a huge learning curve for me in general and then, like Andy said, there are some quite dark themes and scenes in this film, so obviously having lost my best friend Chris a few years ago, some very similar stuff happens to [Ben’s character] Leo in the movie and that brought back all those memories of when Chris died and that made it seem even more real, which in turn made it quite difficult to film.”

The entire interview Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce did with Rock Sound Podcast can be listened to below. Asking Alexandria will tour the globe together with Black Veil Brides next year as both of the bands have new releases coming later this year/early next year.

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Glenn van den Bosch