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Sum 41 To Disband Following Upcoming Album & To Be Announced World Tour

Sad news coming from the Sum 41 camp. After 27 years, Sum 41 have decided to call it a day.

Fortunately for Sum 41 fans everywhere, the band will still be releasing their double album Heaven :x: Hell, and have announced that a new world tour will be announced as soon as possible.

Sum 41 have garnered quite a few highlights throughout the years. They are known for their high-energy music, catchy hooks, and irreverent humour. They gained mainstream success in the early 2000s with hits like Fat Lip, In Too Deep, and Still Waiting, and have continued to release music and tour to this day. Sum 41 are also known for their live performances, which are often characterized by their energetic and frenzied stage presence.

Sum 41 will be on the road in Europe and the US this summer/fall, on which they will be playing festivals and club shows. Make sure to catch their set, as it might be one the last chances you’ll get.

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Glenn van den Bosch