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Stand Atlantic Release New Single ‘Molotov [OK]’

Stand Atlantic are back with another new track, and this one showcases a sound we haven’t heard from them yet! The new song is titled Molotov [OK] and comes with a new music video. Talking about the song, vocalist Bonnie Fraser shared the following:

“I went to a Christian school for 3 years of my life and when a pastor says ‘all gays will burn in hell’ during an assembly, you’re gonna remember it, and you’re gonna write a song about it. It baffles me how someone can believe something so negative about someone yet act all nice and loving to your face and pretend to care about you. fuck that, i hope he hears this.”

Curious as to what the song sounds like? Check it out via the official music video for the song right below!

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Glenn van den Bosch