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Parkway Drive Tease Announcement By Sounding The Alarm On Twitter

Did you wake up this morning and have a mini-heart attack from seeing Parkway Drive’s new teaser clip that was tweeted out? This siren call was heard around the world and has every single one of their fans running around wondering what this could mean. A new song? A new album? A new tour? We are dying to know!

The band has also changed their profile picture and header on their socials to a new aesthetic.

This enchanting teaser comes after the cancellation of their North American tour on April 6th, where they said “know our return will burn brighter than the past.” It also comes after their statement of its members taking a mental health break in the music scene on May 23rd of this year. They followed up that statement with “For the record, we are here to stay.”

We hope they’ve taken the time they’ve needed to recover. Healing is oh-so essential to everyone who roams this earth, we all face difficulties and struggles at some point. Of course, their fan base is no stranger to showing its encouragement, enthusiasm, and support for Parkway Drive and its members. Nothing but love and positivity for a voice of a generation.

We can only speculate right now and jump up and down in our seats in excitement for what is to come of this. They’ve definitely got all of our attention and their vice grip will not let go. The anticipation has begun, and we absolutely can’t wait to hear more from Jeff, Luke, Ben, Jia and Winston.

Check out the teaser below if you haven’t seen it, and tweet us your reaction or what you think might be coming next!

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