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Noah Sebastian Reveals Bad Omens Are Working On Two New Albums

Exciting news for Bad Omens fans as frontman Noah Sebastian has announced that the band is currently working on not one, but two new albums. In an interview on Joel Madden‘s Artist Friendly podcast, Sebastian revealed the details of their upcoming musical endeavors.

According to Sebastian, the first album in the works is a deluxe edition titled Concrete Forever, coinciding with their massive North American tour scheduled to kick off in September. This deluxe album will feature remixes, acoustic versions of tracks, new original compositions, and collaborations.

Simultaneously, Bad Omens is also actively working on new music that they are considering for their next full-length album. Sebastian even expressed his desire to collaborate with ERRA, with hopes of debuting the track during their upcoming joint tour.

Despite their busy schedule, Sebastian emphasized the importance of taking their time to create the best possible music without rushing the process. He stated, “It’s important to me not to rush anything. That’s always a priority, even if it takes me a year or three years. I’m gonna make the best album first.”

The timing couldn’t be better for Bad Omens, as they are currently riding a wave of success following the release of their powerful third album, THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND. The track Just Pretend, accompanied by an impressive music video, has gained significant popularity, thanks to its viral fame on TikTok and its rise to the top of Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.

With two exciting projects underway, it’s evident that Bad Omens is determined to keep pushing boundaries and delivering remarkable music to their dedicated fanbase. There’s no doubt that their relentless dedication and creativity will continue to propel them forward without any signs of slowing down.

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