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New Music Friday: Demi Lovato, All Time Low Ft. Avril Lavigne, Don Broco & More

Get ready to kick off your weekend with a musical blast! New Music Friday brings an exciting lineup of fresh tracks that will have you grooving and singing along. From powerful collaborations to triumphant comebacks, and mesmerizing remixes, there’s something for every music lover to enjoy. Join us as we dive into the latest releases from Demi Lovato, All Time Low Ft. Avril Lavigne, Don Broco, K.Flay, Beartooth and  Thirty Seconds To Mars. So, plug in your earphones, turn up the volume, and let the rhythm take over.

  • Demi Lovato – ‘REVAMPED’ (Album) Demi Lovato surprises fans with a rock-infused twist on her classic singles in her latest album, ‘REVAMPED.’ The album features collaborations with special guests, including The Maine on a new version of ‘Neon Lights’ and The Used vocalist Bert McCracken on the 2023 version of ‘Give Your Heart A Break.’ Demi’s aim with this project is to breathe new life into the songs that have meant so much to her career and express her passion for rock music.
  • All Time Low ft. Avril Lavigne – ‘Fake As Hell’ Avril Lavigne joins forces with All Time Low for the pop-punk anthem ‘Fake As Hell.’ This collaboration delivers the energetic and nostalgic sound of the 2000s pop-punk era, bringing together two iconic acts for a sugar rush of a track.
  • Don Broco – ‘Birthday Party’ Don Broco is in a celebratory mood with their latest single, ‘Birthday Party.’ The band’s frontman, Rob Damiani, shares the peculiar and relatable story behind the song, capturing the mixed emotions that often come with birthdays. The release coincides with their ‘Birthday Party Tour,’ featuring 16 dates.
  • K.Flay – ‘MONO’ (Album) K.Flay unveils her latest album, ‘MONO,’ featuring confessional lyricism and a unique sonic strength. The album reflects her personal journey, from sudden hearing loss in her right ear to creating one of her most personal records to date. Accompanying the album release is an animated music video for ‘Punisher,’ offering a glimpse into the record’s themes.
  1. Beartooth ft. HARDY – ‘The Better Me’ Beartooth introduces their first-ever guest vocalist collaborator, country singer HARDY, in ‘The Better Me.’ This track is part of their upcoming album, ‘The Surface,’ set to release on October 13. It revolves around the theme of self-improvement, a powerful anthem about striving to be the best version of oneself.
  • Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘It’s The End Of The World, But It’s A Beautiful Day’ (Album) Thirty Seconds To Mars returns with their latest album, ‘It’s The End Of The World, But It’s A Beautiful Day.’ This release promises to deliver the band’s signature sound and captivating lyrics. Prepare for an auditory journey filled with emotion and energy.

These fresh releases are sure to elevate your New Music Friday to new heights. Don’t miss out on these incredible tracks and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of music! Happy listening!

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