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Neve Campbell Reveals She Would Return To ‘Scream’ “Under The Right Circumstances”

The future of Scream 7 is in jeopardy as lead stars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, along with director Christopher Landon, leave the project, leaving Paramount/Spyglass in a tight spot.

Recent reports suggest efforts to bring back original trilogy star Neve Campbell for Scream 7. Campbell expresses her concern for the struggling project but hints at a possible return if certain conditions, including fair compensation, are met.

“It’s sad to me that they’re struggling at the moment. I love this franchise. I would hope it doesn’t fall apart.

Given the right circumstances, yes. I made a statement several years ago, and it was the reason I didn’t do Scream VI at the time. I just really felt the need to stand up and say that I don’t believe I would’ve been treated that way had I been a man carrying a franchise for 25 years. And that still stands.”

With Barrera and Ortega gone, the movie needs a new lead. However, financial negotiations and the absence of a director add further uncertainty to the production.

Stay tuned for updates on the troubled Scream 7 as the studios work to revive the iconic horror franchise.

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