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Natalie Claro’s New Single Is An Alt-Rock Masterclass

Nashville based alt-rocker Natalie Claro is back with another killer single, Cracked Pepper after the release of her 2021 single When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice. If you think you’ve heard the name, you probably have. Claro has toured with bands such as the Plain White T’s and GrizfolkCracked Pepper is a force-to-be-contained that centers around a thrashing guitar riff and unhinged ambience. Claro’s soulful voice sinks into the mix and creates an authentic rocking experience. Even more impressive, Claro is the sole instrumentalist on all of her tracks, including this one. This high-energy track is sure to impress, and is a great illustration of Claro’s natural talent. 

Stream the new single here!

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Aiden Rodgers