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Melanie Martinez @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

Melanie Martinez Announces New ‘Trilogy Tour’ Dates

Great news for the European Melanie Martinez fans!

Since Melanie Martinez’s debut album Cry Baby, Martinez has only played the album for which she was on tour live on that tour. This year, Melanie Martinez shook it up a bit, going on the ‘Trilogy Tour’, in which she played a more balanced mix of songs, as is the norm in the industry.

Luckily for the European and UK fans, Martinez is now taking the Trilogy Tour overseas as well, playing shows across the continent in September and October, playing some of her biggest shows in Europe to date.

Check out all the tour dates on the poster below and make sure to be alert for when tickets go on sale.

Melanie Martinez Trilogy Tour EU-UK
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Glenn van den Bosch