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Melanie Martinez @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Melanie Martinez Brings PORTALS To Ecstatic Amsterdam Crowd

In a highly anticipated return to The Netherlands since the onset of the pandemic, Melanie Martinez graced Amsterdam with her presence for an unforgettable performance, marking her largest show in the city to date. The venue, which had sold out its 6,000 tickets months in advance, buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the hauntingly theatrical spectacle accompanying Martinez’s third album, PORTALS.

Unlike her previous works that delved into the intricacies of Cry Baby‘s life, both at home and in school, PORTALS takes a poignant turn as Cry Baby meets her demise, paving the way for a captivating rebirth showcased in Martinez’s stage persona. The concert, captured in photos at the bottom of this page, revealed Martinez not as the familiar Cry Baby character but as her transformed, reborn self.

The setlist, a deliberate nod to Martinez’s consistency, offered no surprises. Echoing the structure of the Cry Baby and K-12 tours, the concert featured a complete rendition of the album from start to finish, including the deluxe edition tracks. The stage, a theatrical marvel, boasted a massive screen that dynamically shifted with each song, projecting the atmospheric essence or segments from the accompanying music videos. The visual spectacle extended to inflatable mushrooms, a life-sized descending spider web during Spider Web, and a talented ensemble of dancers and musicians sharing the stage with Martinez.

While the production may not have reached the elaborate heights of the K-12 tour, it undeniably delivered a theatrically pleasing experience, a hallmark of Melanie Martinez‘s creative ingenuity. Overall, the show, possibly affected by the album not reaching the same meteoric success as K-12” or Cry Baby, may not have surpassed initial sky-high expectations. However, it remains a visual feast and a testament to Martinez’s continued commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

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Glenn van den Bosch