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Blood Youth Surprise Release New Album ‘Visions of Another Hell’

Blood Youth has got an incredible surprise for you.

The band have decided to release their third album without any warning.

The album is called Visions Of Another Hell and is already the third album from the band.

Speaking about the new music, Blood Youth shared the following:
‘Visions Of Another Hell’ is sonic snapshot of a period of time where we felt more comfortable in hell than anywhere else. Our best, most visceral and experimental creation to date. We couldn’t be more proud of what this album became and what it means to us. As a band and a creative entity, all we’ve ever wanted is to express ourselves openly and to help others in the process. It took everything from us to create VOAH, and hopefully it will give others the light they deserve”

Accompanied with the release of the new album, the band have also announced a co-headliner tour across Europe with Cane Hill taking place next year. The special guest for these shows will be Diamond Construct. Check out the tour dates right below.

01.03.22 France Paris, L’International
02.03.22 Switzerland Baden, Werkk
03.03.22 Italy Milan, Slaughter Club
04.03.22 Germany Munich, Feierwerk
05.03.22 Austria Vienna, Chelsea
06.03.22 Czech Republic Prague, Chapeau Rouge
07.03.22 Germany Leipzig, Naumanns
08.03.22 Germany Hamburg, Headcrash
09.03.22 Germany Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz
10.03.22 The Netherlands Den Bosch, Willem Twee
11.03.22 Germany Mainz, Schon Schön
12.03.22 Germany Cologne, MTC
13.03.22 Belgium Antwerp, Kavka

Stream the brand new album via Spotify below and make sure to let us know your thoughts on Blood Youth‘s new music.

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Glenn van den Bosch