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BBC Radio 1 Declares Paramore’s ‘This Is Why’ As Hottest Record Of The Year

Paramore released their first music in a long time at the end of September with the title track of their forthcoming album This Is Why.

BBC Radio 1 already named the single Hottest Record In The World and has now also declared it Hottest Record Of The Year just now.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams had the following to say about this accomplishment:

“We finished in time to get a song out before the end of 2022 and we were so pumped because we really didn’t want the year to end without coming back into the fold. It’s really meaningful because, you and I have talked about this a little bit, but shows that we have played in the UK and specifically fans in the UK have been such a huge inspiration for the entire album and it means a lot, it’s really sweet that this won, what a surprise, it’s crazy.”

And Radio 1’s Clara Amfo said:

Paramore are a great example of an established band who still make you feel excited and invested in what they do! The list this year was full of bangers but ‘This Is Why’ is instantly anthemic and I’ve no doubt we’re all going to be singing it at the top of our lungs when they hit the UK in April.”

The record, which will also feature the band’s latest song The News, will be released on the 10th of February via Atlantic Records.

You can catch the band in the summer of 2023 while they are off touring in order to support the new record.

Title track This Is Why came with an accompanying music video when it was released, which was directed by Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates.

You can check the song and music video out below to celebrate the achievement with us!

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