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Periphery @ Poppodium 013, Tilburg

CONCERT REVIEW: Periphery’s Triumphant Return to The Netherlands

Periphery, the progressive metal powerhouse, made a long-awaited return to The Netherlands to entertain their fans with a captivating performance showcasing their latest album, Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre. The venue buzzed with anticipation as the band embarked on a 1-hour and 15-minute musical journey, blending new tracks with beloved classics like Marigold and Blood Eagle.

The evening commenced with a powerful start, featuring three lengthy songs from their 2023 album, kicking off proceedings with the versatile Dracul Gras, followed by the album opener Wildfire and fan-favourite Atropos, filling the initial half-hour with a display of Periphery’s instrumental and vocal prowess. Although not without a few imperfections, Spencer Sotelo‘s impressive vocal range shone through, adding an extra layer of depth to the band’s performance.

Visually, the stage was brought to life with dynamic lighting, courtesy of light pillars that illuminated the room and strategically deployed smoke machines enhancing the impact of intense moments, such as the breakdowns in Blood Eagle and the aforementioned track Wildfire, which always happens to be one of the band’s heaviest songs.

Disappointment struck when the highly anticipated acoustic rendition of Scarlet was omitted from the setlist, leaving a void that was not filled by a substitute. Nevertheless, the setback did little to dampen the overall enjoyment of the show. Periphery’s comfort on stage was palpable, with band members frequently engaging with the audience, taking moments between songs to chat and acknowledging their camera guy, Matteo, who diligently captured the energy of mosh pits and elated front-row fans.

The setlist boasted a well-curated mix, featuring tracks from nearly all their albums, with the exception of the latest one, Periphery V, which dominated the night as expected, aligning with the tour’s focus on promoting this particular release.

The musicianship displayed throughout the night underscored Periphery’s extraordinary talent and versatility. Each song, old or new, served as a testament to the band’s ability to seamlessly navigate a range of musical styles. The live rendition of Periphery’s catalogue showcased the depth of their artistry, leaving the audience in awe of their skill and dedication.

Curious about what the show looked like? Take a look at the gallery right below and let us know if you are attending a Periphery show in the near future.

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Glenn van den Bosch