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CONCERT REVIEW: Architects Showcase Innovation & Evolution During Sold-Out Amsterdam Show

Commencing our year with a resounding bang, Architects graced the stage of Amsterdam’s AFAS LIVE, reprising the start of our year 2019, in which Architects was also the first show, in the same venue. A span of five years has seen Architects undergo a profound evolution, a testament to their versatility and artistic growth. In the yesteryear of 2019, their repertoire leaned heavily on the side of heaviness and aggression. Fast forward to 2024, and the band has seamlessly woven melodic elements into their musical tapestry, resulting in a dynamic and enthralling sound that now resonates with a broader audience.

This transformation proved to be a triumph, evident in the current Spotify charts where the majority of Architects‘ popular tunes hail from their latest releases, namely, the albums For Those That Wish To Exist and the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. The setlist, a testament to this shift, heavily favoured the new material, featuring a staggering eight songs from For Those That Wish To Exist and three from the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. However, not to disappoint the die-hard Architects aficionados, the band tossed in a few classics like ‘Gravedigger‘ and These Colours Don’t Run.

In a departure from their previous use of lasers and pyrotechnics, Architects opted for confetti and infectious choruses, orchestrating a visual odyssey with towering screens positioned in three tiers. Members of the band occupied each level, creating a multi-dimensional stage that elevated the visual spectacle. While most musicians had their station on any of the tiers, vocalist Sam Carter would often switch platforms.

The undeniable respect Architects command within the music industry was only reaffirmed during their Amsterdam performance. Vocalist Sam Carter‘s live ‘clean’ vocals stood out, showcasing an impressive vocal range and control. As the band’s sonic landscape evolves, Carter’s versatility takes center stage, with a pronounced focus on singing rather than aggressive screams, a transition flawlessly executed not only in the studio but also in their live performances. Between songs, Architects engaged with the audience, delving into the meaning behind certain tracks and expressing heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support from their fans. They marveled at the sold-out venue, a stark contrast to their humble show about 8 years ago, when they played at Amsterdam’s Melkweg’s ‘oude zaal’ with a capacity of 700 people.

While the show undoubtedly demonstrated Architects‘ ongoing growth, personally, it did not reach the monumental heights set by their 2019 performance surrounding the release of Holy Hell. I am a sucker for pyro-technics, and the laser show that accompanied that show was truly unforgettable. Nevertheless, appreciation is due to the band’s commitment to evolving their live performances and exploring new avenues to connect with their audience.

Architects continue their upward trajectory, poised to headline the largest alternative music festival in the Netherlands this summer: Jera On Air. Anticipating a spectacle of grand proportions, one can only wonder what Architects has in store for the 15,000-strong audience of fans and enthusiasts. Until then, dive into the visuals from their Amsterdam show in the gallery below!

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Glenn van den Bosch