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Architects Release New Track, ‘A New Moral Ground’

Architects drop latest single, a new moral ground, ahead of the release of their upcoming album, The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit.

A few months ago when Architects announced the news of their 10th album, Searle both producing and drumming on the record said that this release was “a lot more playful and spontaneous” and it shows.

Unexpected guitar solos, experimenting with electronic sounds, and Carter showcasing his frankly insane vocal range. A new moral ground, released today, with an incredible new music video, has everything. This track is a blend of Architects‘ signature sound with the energy and sound they’re bringing to this new record.

Vocalist Sam shared on Twitter that this is one of his favourites off the album, and you can see why. Unsurprisingly, it’s gone down a storm.

The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit will be released October 21st. Check out the new track and video below!

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Katie Dove