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SLAM DUNK ITALY REVIEW Pre And Post-Show: An Unforgettable Display Of Music And Energy

Slam Dunk Festival, first established in 2006, has taken many forms over the years. Tonight’s show however, marks a new landmark as the first ever European Slam Dunk – on the sunny coast of Rimini, Italy we’re headed into night one of three.

The UK dates this year received some criticism of its organisational and logistical pitfalls, so you could be forgiven for thinking that their first abroad venture might have some difficulties. However, last night was a triumph for artists and organisers alike.


Stand Atlantic:

It’s been a busy few years for Stand Atlantic, 2 albums in 2 years and now they’re back on the road again in 2023. This band seem to never stop and their hard work, is paying off. With thousands gathered to watch, singing along to Pity Party, Hate Me (Sometimes) and deathwish. This band have come along way. Their dynamic live show coupled with vocalist Bonnie brushing off their high school Italian made for a perfect start to the evening.


It’s comforting to know that some things are universal. Standing with your friends, screaming your lungs out with a cider in hand, is great no matter what country you do it in. And Zebrahead are an incredible addition to any festival. After 25 years together, their show still sets them apart from everyone else. From skeleton onesie wearing crew members crows surfing on an inflatable watermelon, yes you read that correctly. To hearing fan favourites, Rescue Me, Hello Tomorrow, Falling Apart and festival anthem Drink Drink.. tonight’s set will be one that’s hard to beat. The joy radiating from the band and crowd was utterly contagious.


Italy’s own NASKA takes to the stage next, keeping up the energy from the previous Zebrahead set, not an easy act to follow. The forty minute set consisted of original material and some epic punk covers including No Future (Sex Pistols) made for an entertaining set. NASKA controlled the crowd with a captivating stage presence

Sum 41:

Off the back of their recent announcement that they are going to disband after one more album and world tour, I don’t think anyone is sure what to expect tonight. What we get, is easily the best Sum 41 set I’ve had the pleasure to witness. Welcomed by the crowd with open arms, circle pits and singalongs it’s a wonderful way to close the evening. Epic pyrotechnics and showman-ship from front man Deryck aside, the sheer volume of the crowd felt like Sum 41 had gained an extra member tonight. I think the band had just a good a time as we did, minutes after the last song was played, the arena was starting to rapidly empty, the house lights were on, they burst back on stage for what seemed to be a spontaneous encore of Machine Gun. Their reappearance creating a cloud of dust as a few thousand fans ran back on themselves.

As you leave the mainstage in Rimini and walk along the sea front to the emo sucks after-party, you can’t help but think that this is the perfect set up for a festival, but this is just the beginning.

After a glorious opening night with a headline set from Sum 41, the weekend is off to an amazing start. Sunshine, two stages, one of which is on the actual beach, no clashes and thousands of festival goers? Slam Dunk, Italy edition is ready to go.


Charlotte Sands:

Charlotte Sands can do it all, an energetic captivating show, with a consistently brilliant vocal performance. You can feel how sincere she is about her music, song writing and the gratitude she has for being in the position to play shows, which make all of her performances a special one to be at. Whilst a lot of the pop-punk, emo revival is nostalgia fueled, Charlotte Sands is the injection of new life in the genre that you want to see.

Less Than Jake:

Saxophone, trombone playing, toilet paper throwing, water gun squirting, Less Than Jake are festival favourites for a reason. For a band I’ve always thought sound like summer, this is the perfect setting to see them live. After recently doing some Hello Rockview full album shows, this afternoon is a more condensed affair, with a sea of festival goers dancing to classics; The Science of Selling Yourself Short, History Of A Boring Town, Gainesville Rock City and All My Best Friends Are Metalheads, ska is sounding alive and well.


Some bands just don’t get enough credit, and I’m guilty of forgetting just how great Anti-Flag are live until they’ve been on stage for approximately 10 seconds. The energy, passion and sense of community that you can feel in the crowd is tangible. Bursting on with Die For The Government, the tempo is set and Anti-Flag never let up.

Punk Rock Factory:

Festival season, is arguably the most fun season of them all and Punk Rock Factory embody all things fun. Cover bands, aren’t for everyone, but how could hearing punk rock covers of tracks from Frozen, Kate Bush, Moana and the Pokémon and Powerangers theme with a drink in hand looking over at the sea in the sunshine not be an excellent addition to your day?

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls:

Initially, the crowd seems a little smaller for Frank Turner than it has been for most of the day, but with the bands boundless energy, masterful showman-ship and the highest number of circle pits for the weekend – this quickly changes. Frank joking with the crowd, not to panic when he produced an acoustic guitar, their set definitely gave a nod to being on the same bill as punk legends Rancid. Fast numbers Punches, Non Serviam and Out Of Breath made for circle pits with healthy dose of singalongs to Get Better and Recovery, Frank has this crowd in the palm of his hand. Closing the set with the crowd slow dancing under a cloud of sand and dust to Four Simple Words. If there was any set this weekend that won people over, it was this one.

Bowling For Soup:

For a band that have been around as Bowling For Soup have, it comes as a surprise when they announce this is their first real Italy show, the band visually and verbally stunned at the packed out crowd that awaits them on the beach this evening. Their festival set is crammed with fan favourites, 1985, Almost, High School Never Ends, Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Punk Rock 101 which the crowd sing every word along with them, at one point singing a whole chorus and verse whilst the guys went and grabbed a beer. One of the things BFS have always done well is interact with their fans, sing alongs, inflatable bananas being released and their Bowling For Soup Official Photo Opportunity tonight is a non-stop, energy packed, joy filled set.


The word ‘legends’ is easy to throw around, but I think in Rancid’s case, it’s deserved. 30 years, 10 albums and countless shows later and their headline set tonight is the perfect display of why this band is loved so deeply, respected widely and why their career has lasted as long as it has. Opening with the title track from their brand new album Tomorrow Never Comes, their impressive 27 song set spans their career, playing special attention to albums Let’s Go and …And Out Come The Wolves. A headline slot at a festival is usually the time to involve crazy pyrotechnics and do something a little bit more extravagant, Rancid opted keep it simple and it really worked. Their set tonight, still felt like a Rancid show, just on a huge scale. Playing to that many people and being able to create the sense of intimacy that they did is something not many people can pull off but this performance was a really authentic reflection of who Rancid are and the audience responded to that. I’m pretty sure the echos of Roots Radicals, Ruby Soho, Fall Back Down and Old Friend could be heard for miles along the coast as day one of Slam Dunk came to a close.

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What are your experiences with Slam Dunk this year? Let us know!

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Enter Shikari 2023

CONCERT REVIEW: Enter Shikari Play Third & Final Manchester Residency Show

As they start to bring their 3-month residency tour to a close, Enter Shikari play their 3rd and final Manchester show in a very sweaty, sold-out New Century Hall. Touring in support of their upcoming record, A Kiss For The Whole World.

Enter Shikari have always prided themselves on putting everything they’ve got into their live shows, known for their energy-packed, confetti filled gigs that radiate feelings of joy and community, tonight was no different.

Opening the show with the first single of their new record, (pls) set me on fire, you can see how loved this band are. About to be 7 albums in, and audiences are still singing every word to any new track they can get their hands on.

Straight into an System… / …Meltdown, this feels like it’s the real kick-off to the show with the floor opening up and the crowd erupting, this moment seems to set the bar for the rest of the evening.

One of the promises of this tour is that we would be hearing some older tracks that haven’t graced a setlist in a long time. Over the course of the evening, we’re treated to; Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour, Enter Shikari, Havoc B and Halcyon.

Something Enter Shikari have mastered over the years is releasing absolutely cherished stand-alone tracks. So to say Slipshod is welcomed with open arms, is.. an understatement. Frontman Rou, introduces the track with a smile on his face, noting the absolute ridiculous nature of it.

There are a lot of things that make this band’s live show so uniquely special, one of which being their quickfire rounds. Which, does exactly what it says on the tin. A lot of songs, in not a lot of time. From Havoc B, Cody Frost joins the stage as we bounce from Bull to The Last Garrison to Sorry You’re Not A Winner.

Over the course of the evening, there are a few moments when we’re all able to come up for air. Live Outside, Redshift, Undercover Agents and satellites** are moments of pure euphoria where you are able to appreciate just how in tune the band are with each other.

This run of shows is of course in celebration of their soon to be release record, A Kiss For The Whole World, from which tonight we hear the unreleased title track, It Hurts, Bloodshot and (pls) set me on fire. If these tracks live are anything to to by, we’re in for a treat with the new album.

It takes a lot for a band’s live show to be able to change and evolve every time, but remain consistently special. It is a rare thing that a band’s ethos and identity translate so perfectly to a live show, but tonight all of those things are true. The sense of community and passion is palpable as everyone is gathered to dance without inhibition under the mesmerizing Shikari light show.

A Kiss For The Whole World is available to preorder now, and is released worldwide on April 21st.

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ALBUM REVIEW: All Time Low – ‘Tell Me I’m Alive’

For anyone that remembers All Time Low’s first few records, it might make you feel a little old when you learn that the Maryland Pop-Punkers are celebrating 20 years of being a band this year, and what better way to do it than releasing their ninth studio album, Tell Me I’m Alive.

Title track, Tell Me I’m Alive, opens the album. With the recent rejuvenation of Pop-Punk, and an influx of new bands coming onto the scene, it’s fair to say I was expecting this record to reflect that. However, Tell Me I’m Alive shies away from that and embraces more pop and far less punk. Latest single, Calm Down, accompanied by a comical and creepy music video, seems to be an instant fan favourite. Packed with emotion and echoing a lot of people’s feelings about the world we’ve all been living in for the last few years, you can see why this one is resonating with so many people.

Although All Time Low seem to be having a lot more mainstream success over the course of their last few releases, some of the stand out moments on the album come from tracks that sound like old-school All Time Low, all grown up. Kill Ur Vibe, English Blood // American Heartache and The Other Side remind us of ATL’s roots and prove that they can still write authentic pop-punk tracks that are worthy of going on repeat.

Over the years All Time Low have been no strangers to collaboration, joining forces with The Band CAMINO, Pale Waves and having huge success with track Monster ft Demi Lovato and blackbear, it’s no surprise to see a collab on Tell Me I’m Alive. New Religion (featuring Teddy Swims) injects some energy onto the album, his vocals alongside Alex Gaskarth’s really elevate the track.

They bring the album to a close with Lost Along The Way, the softer, slower number touches on the themes of solitude and loneliness, which seem to appear throughout the album. Their previous record, Wake Up Sunshine was released at the very beginning of the pandemic, so Tell Me I’m Alive is our first real insight into the impact the last few years of isolation have had and how it’s influenced their song writing.

Tell Me I’m Alive is out now everywhere! Just finishing a handful of UK acoustic shows and an anniversary night at Wembley, they’re not showing any signs of slowing down and are due to tour across the states with Mayday Parade and Games We Play this spring/summer. All Time Low are known for giving energy fueled, unforgettable live performances so if you love this new record be sure not to miss out.

Check out the new album below and let us know what you think of it!

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Paramore 2022

ALBUM REVIEW: Paramore – ‘This Is Why’

The last few years have been long for, pretty much everyone, but if you’re a Paramore fan, then the last 5 and a half years have felt especially long. Well, the wait is officially over, This Is Why, Paramore’s sixth studio album is out today.

This record is an accumulation of ‘Lessons learned’ over the last 5 or so years, the Tennessee trio shared some insight on this record with their fans; this album is as much about personal growth and anxieties, as it is about political rage and fear about things out of our control. It’s about being agoraphobic and claustrophobic at the same time, this is album is part of the pandemic aftermath.

Taking a break between releases is not a new thing for Paramore, however this time, they took a break just because they wanted to. The result is Paramore proving once again that they are the masters of reinvention. Their constant evolution makes them a once in a generation band. There is a lot of nostalgia surrounding the emo revival that is happening now, however this album is not that, this is Paramore evolved.

Despite title track This Is Why being the first single and opening the record, it was the last to be completed, almost not making it on. Lyrically full of the same energy and fire you come to expect from a Paramore track but welcoming in a new chapter, this single embodying what the whole record is about.

The News, musically sounds a lot more like the Paramore we have previously been acquainted with, lyrically it doesn’t pull any punches either. “Every second our collective heart breaks / all together every head shakes / shut your eyes but it won’t go away / turn on, turn off the news”. The News manages to feel relatable but on a mass scale, confronting feelings all of us have had to sit with over the last few years.

C’est Comme Ça, translated is – it’s like that or it is what it is. Williams has shared this is her “Trying to get un-addicted to a survival narrative” this track leans into change, learning to embrace it and ultimately even though the subject matter is one that might be a little close to home for some, the track is fun, catchy and with Paramore’s sarcasm and wit shining through in their song writing.

This Is Why, may be the most direct record that the group have ever produced, Big Man, Little Dignity is a prime example of that. This track is about abuses of power and the systems that fail us and lead vocalist Hayley Williams has talked openly about this being a personal track for her, about how you can work through feelings of anger and accept that it’s okay to feel the way you do.

Some stand out moments on the record come in the second half. Figure 8, one of the heavier tracks on the record, really showcasing the talents of guitar player Taylor York, you can already imagine how good this would sound in a room full of people. Track 8 is Liar, “love is not an easy thing to admit / but I am not ashamed of it / love is not a weakening, if you feel it rushing in” filled with raw emotion, honesty and beautiful instrumentals it’s one of the most powerful songs on the record.

The first song written for this record and the catalyst for all of this is what closes the album. Thick Skull may be more subtle in sound comparatively to some of the 80s sounding emo-dance numbers on this album, however, this gentle, soulful piano led track accompanied by the drums sounding as good as they do, is the perfect way to finish this record.

Paramore are set to go on tour in support of This Is Why this spring, with dates in South America, UK, Ireland and North America with support from Bloc Party.

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Enter Shikari Release New Single ‘It Hurts’

Enter Shikari fans had their day kicked off to an excellent start with the second single off their upcoming album, A Kiss For The Whole World, being released this morning. It Hurts is available now across all streaming platforms.

It Hurts has all the classic trademarks of a great Enter Shikari song, a perfect fusion of different genres and mix of vocal styles that means there is no way to label it, it’s just simply Enter Shikari doing what they do best.

This single is the follow up to (pls) set me on fire, which was accompanied by an incredible music video, directed by the band’s very own Rou Reynolds.

A Kiss For The Whole World releases worldwide on April 21st this year, the perfect way to celebrate the end of their run of intimate residency shows in the UK running February-April. They will also be celebrating their highly anticipated record with album release shows in Europe and the US.

Listen to It Hurts below and let us know what you think!

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ALBUM REVIEW: You Me At Six – ‘Truth Decay’

No one does it better: Long live the Kings of emo.

You Me At Six first released their debut album Take Off Your Colours in 2008, 15 years and 7 albums later their 8th record Truth Decay is finally being released into the world February 10th.

The British music scene has changed a lot over the last decade and a half; it’s seen bands come and go, break up and it’s been host to a long list of reunion tours. Some bands, stand the test of time. Thankfully, YMAS are the latter. Despite their last record SUCKAPUNCH, reaching number one in the UK, it could have easily been the last album they would create together. Instead of a breakup though, a new era begins.

Truth Decay is simultaneously a classic You Me At Six album whilst also reintroducing themselves and establishing who they are now. This album encapsulates everything their fans fell in love with albums ago, whilst giving us all a reason to fall in love all over again. They sound like the best, most authentic version of themselves.

So far, they’ve released a handful of singles off the record. Deep Cuts came first, the track that sparked so much excitement, a love song for your friends, dedicated to the people you love going through it and wanting better for them. Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How To Tell You What I was Going Through), is powerful, honest and almost too relatable. Openly discussing mental health issues, the impact the band had on them collectively, individually and everything they have survived together.

Breakdown, offers something completely different. If you ever wanted a high-energy, emo-rap-rock track which showcases another area of Josh’s vocal talents, this one is for you. The pace changes again going straight into Traumatic Iconic, this album keeps you engaged start to finish, and although this track is short in length, it’s huge in impact.

The revival of emo music is something that has driven YMAS forward with Truth Decay, knowing it’s something they can do better than most, heartLESS is proof of why this is such an exciting comeback. It’s a dance track for emo kids, with lyrics that are going to make for unreal singalongs it’s no wonder this has instantly made it onto their setlist.

No Future? Yeah Right, featuring Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari, is one of the heavier, higher energy tracks on the album. It’s instantly catchy and hearing Josh and Rou sing alongside each other, is so good that you can’t help but wish Rou featured a little more on the track.

This album is proof of how brilliant they are instrumentally as well as vocally; drums, guitar, bass, and vocals all have their standout moments on the record, but it’s a testament to how well they work together as a collective. Love In The After Hours, Who Needs Revenge When I’ve Got Ellen Rae and :mydopamine: really showcase their instrumental abilities.

The album ends on another collaboration, A Love Letter To Those Who Feel Lost, featuring Cody Frost, who recently collaborated with Enter Shikari. Although they’re ending the album on a slower number, Cody’s contribution to the track ensures that it’s still a strong finish to the album.

Truth Decay is You Me At Six reclaiming what’s theirs, but it’s also a brand new chapter. For the last few years it has seemed like they have sometimes been a little lost, but You Me At Six are back where they should be and the future of this band is so exciting.

The boys are currently on tour across the UK in support of the new record. With most shows sold out, be sure to grab tickets to remaining shows if you want to hear some of these new tracks live for the first time. Truth Decay is out this Friday, pre order the album here.