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The Amity Affliction @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: The Amity Affliction Give Metalcore Masterclass in Amsterdam

In the course of this calendar year, The Amity Affliction, the Australian metalcore sensation, made their mark on Dutch soil for the third time. Commencing the year in Eindhoven’s Effenaar, they graced the stage at Jera On Air during the summer, and, in a grand finale, held a packed performance in the largest room at Amsterdam’s Melkweg: Max.

Taking the stage with their latest album, Not Without My Ghosts The Amity Affliction treated an audience of approximately 1300 fervent fans to a set that spanned their entire discography. Drawing from their last six albums, the setlist featured gems such as Open Letter from the album Chasing Ghosts, marking the oldest inclusion in the lineup. This song, along with the titular track Chasing Ghosts (that was not played this evening), laid the groundwork for the band’s enduring popularity—a trajectory that soared with the release of the widely acclaimed Let The Ocean Take Me in 2013. Since then, the band has consistently expanded its musical horizons, steadily growing its fanbase with each successive release.

The concert served as a jubilant celebration of the band’s diverse fan community, catering to the varied tastes of everyone in attendance. Despite a brief departure from their metalcore roots in 2018 with the more melodic and experimental album Misery, the setlist still featured beloved fan favourites from that era, including Ivy (Doomsday) and Drag The Lake. Naturally, the latest albums, notably Not Without My Ghosts from 2023, received ample attention, with five of its tracks featured in the night’s lineup.

True to The Amity Affliction‘s signature style, the performance was a seamless, energetic flow of song after song, interspersed with minimal conversation. Enhanced by dynamic light effects and a captivating visual display, the moshpit reverberated throughout the night, creating an impeccable atmosphere. The band’s inherently heavy yet irresistibly catchy songs prompted a collective and enthusiastic chorus of Ahren Stringer’s vocal parts from the audience on each song.

For us, this concert marked the culmination of the year—a bookend that neatly mirrored its beginning with The Amity Affliction in Effenaar, Eindhoven. It was, without a doubt, the perfect way to commence and conclude our year.

Feel free to peruse some snapshots from the evening in the gallery below, and share your experiences if you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing The Amity Affliction live!

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Glenn van den Bosch