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CONCERT REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless Play First European Show In 5 Years

It has been a long while since The Pretty Reckless played shows in Europe, but we are so grateful to have seen them live on their first European show in 5 years! With the release of their 2021 album Death By Rock and Roll, which we interviewed Taylor Momsen about, and their brand new album filled with remixes, acoustic renditions and covers Other Worlds, there are plenty of reasons for the band to do a trek through Europe. The first stop on this tour? A sold-out Poppodium 013 eager for their return!

We saw The Pretty Reckless for the first time many years ago, as they opened for Fall Out Boy in Amsterdam. Back then, they were busy doing promo for their second album and their setlist consisted mostly of their first album with some new singles. Fast forward 8 years and The Pretty Reckless are now touring their fourth album, playing sold-out shows left and right on their own. Since the release of the band’s third album Who You Selling For, the band have taken on a more mature sound, and this is reflected very well in their live show.

Back in 2014, Taylor Momsen did not seem overly comfortable up on that stage (if memory serves me), but on this tour, she is as comfortable as an artist can be. Relaxing chitchat with the audience, making jokes, it was an absolute treat to see Momsen woe the audience the way she did. Musically, The Pretty Reckless have been with the same line-up since the very beginning, so needless to say that the musicians work very well together. They play these songs like second nature.

Naturally, the band’s latest album Death By Rock and Roll was heavily featured on the setlist, just like the first and second album. Unfortunately, the third album Who You Selling For was only showcased in one song, the main single of the album: Take Me Down. The Pretty Reckless first did an extensive trek through the United Kingdom before coming down to mainland Europe, during which they repeatedly got the question why Just Tonight was surprisingly absent on the setlist, after which the decision was made to play Just Tonight on the remainder of this tour after all. This decision was met with great jubilance from the Dutch audience.

After playing a total of 13 songs, the band briefly submerged from the podium to then come back for the encore. It’s a well-known phenomena by now and in a recent internet post hilariously referred to as peekaboo for adults. The Pretty Reckless’ version of peekaboo for adults was an extended version of their hit single Fucked Up World, with a lengthy drum solo in the middle.

Curious to see what the show looked like? Check out the gallery below and let us know if you are going to any of the upcoming The Pretty Reckless shows!

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Glenn van den Bosch