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ALBUM REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless – ‘Other Worlds’

The Pretty Reckless released their newest album, Other Worlds, on Friday, November 4th. “We’re so proud to share this collection of acoustic recordings, covers, and other re-imaginings with you.” the band wrote on Twitter. This is the band’s newest release since Death by Rock and Roll in 2021.

At first, it seemed strange to me for The Pretty Reckless to release an album full of acoustic songs, covers, and remixes. However, the band knocked it out of the park. With Ben Philips on guitar, Jamie Perkins on drums, Mark Damon on bass, and of course Taylor Momsen’s vocals and her own guitar playing, TPR created an eclectic mix of songs that will keep listeners engaged.

Combined with moody acoustic guitar playing and Momsen’s low, stunning vocals, Other Worlds is a completely different sound than The Pretty Reckless’ other albums. It slows things down and gives the listener a chance to take in the great sound production. A personal favorite song of mine is the acoustic version of 25. Taylor Momsen hits every note with ease and grace and that particular song is as haunting as it is beautiful.

The other songs on the album are just as captivating. The original and remixed versions of Got So High are full of mourning, which is only amplified by Taylor’s voice and the stripped-back guitar. The Pretty Reckless also manage to put some great covers in there with Elvis Costello’s (What’s So Funny ‘ Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding, David Bowie’s Quicksand, and SOUNDGARDEN’s Halfway There (complete with SOUNDGARDEN’s drummer Matt Cameron on the track). These covers do justice to the original artists while still managing to put in the band’s own twist on them.

Another standout track is Death by Rock and Roll, an acoustic cover taken straight from last year’s album by the same name. The track sticks to its original beats while allowing Taylor’s voice to shine throughout.

All in all, Other Worlds lets The Pretty Reckless take their sound to new places. This album proves that despite their guitar-heavy albums in the past, the band can still do an amazing, laid-back acoustic album. With dark undertones and somber guitar playing, Other Worlds comes in just in time for fall.

Check out the album below and let us know what you think!

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Zhane McKnight