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The Offspring at Rock Am Ring 2022

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: The Offspring Are Back On Top Of Their Game

The slot right before the headliner Green Day on the main stage was filled by the iconic The Offspring. The band rolled into the scene in the early 90’s and are known as the innovators and legends of the punk scene in Southern California.

It didn’t take long before the entire world knew their hits, including You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, The Kids Aren’t Alright and Self Esteem. To no surprise to anyone. the audience in front of the mainstage was filled for as far as the eye could see. Everyone wanted to see The Offspring back in action, who hadn’t played a show in Germany since 2019.

Kicking things off with Staring At The Sun, the tone was set for the entire performance, but the already energetic set took on even higher levels of excitement when the last couple of songs were being played. Saving most popular for last, the last 4 songs in chronological order were Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), The Kids Aren’t Alright, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid and lastly Self Esteem. Props to the die-hard fans out there who kept those moshpits going for 4 songs straight, it was absolutely fantastic to see.

Luckily we can remember the set by some photos that Eva van den Bosch shot of their performance. Check out her photos right below and make sure to catch The Offspring on the festival circuit this summer.

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Glenn van den Bosch