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ROCK AM RING – While She Sleeps Give It Their All During Massive Festival Set


Rock Am Ring, one of Germany’s biggest festivals was held this weekend and we are so happy to have been present. The festival welcomed the likes of The 1975, Bring Me The Horizon, IDKHOW, Against The Current and many, many more. Rock Am Ring is held at the Nurburgring, a Formula 1 race track. The location, as well as the team behind the festival, is impeccable and it is safe to say this year was a great success. We have seen performances of the greatest rock and metal acts throughout the weekend and will share our findings as well as the photos we took from each band.

Mainstream people might claim Rock ‘n Roll is dead, but anyone who attended While She Sleeps absolutely massive performance at Rock Am Ring will know that those who claim that have no idea what they are talking about. The band are one of the heaviest acts on the line-up on the Friday and they were playing the "smallest" stage of the three, but as the band took the stage at 20:00 sharp, the space surrounding the ‘Alternastage’ was full beyond reasonable doubt. At least a couple of thousand people came out to the stage to witness the Sheffield band perform their heavily political and social problem centric metalcore.

Kicking off their set with the iconic ‘You Are We’, many fans started crowdsurfing and moshpits were ignited throughout the crowd. The band really took off with the release of their same-titled album ‘You Are We’ and even furthered this hype with the new album ‘SO WHAT?’. With over 700.000 listeners on Spotify on a monthly basis, While She Sleeps are one of the metalcore frontrunners and that became very apparent during their performance. Tracks old and new were shouted back at the band, and every breakdown was wholeheartedly greeted with headbangs, walls of death and crushing moshpits.

While exceptional performances like these cannot be captured through lens or film, you can get a glimpse of what went down at the While She Sleeps set at Rock Am Ring via the photos below. All shot by Eva van Kuik